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Security in savings

More than half of Mississippians, about 56 percent, have fewer than $1,000 in savings. What’s more, about 38 percent have no savings at all. So, ... Read more

VMT tax proposal would penalize rural states without substantial public transportation

U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg stepped strongly toward, then beat a rather hasty retreat from the concept of including a vehicle mile traveled or VMT ... Read more

From Thalia to Yazoo: Texas was McMurtry’s connection to Mississippi’s Morris

The passing of iconic Texas novelist, screenwriter and antiquarian bookseller Larry McMurtry at age 84 on March 25 will mean different things to different fans ... Read more

From the Center 10-23-19

I came across an excellent post on Facebook as I was scrolling recently and thought it was too good not to share. It was titled ... Read more

From the Center 4-5-17

Flowers are blooming, lawn mowers are rumbling and the scent of fresh-cut grass is in the air. It is finally spring and everyone is sprucing ... Read more

From the Center 3-29-17

There was a packed house at the Chamber Partnership Banquet last Tuesday night held at the Rosenwald. We had a fantastic meal served by Williams’ ... Read more

From the Center 3-22-17

Well, I lived vicariously through my friends last week. I traveled to the beach, and it was cold, apparently. I also traveled to New York ... Read more

From the Center 3-15-17

I never walked the halls with my friends, told secrets in the bathroom, or made a trip to the principal’s office. I didn’t sit on ... Read more

From the Center 3-8-17

There was another fender bender recently in a spot that has seen quite a few of those in years past. We do have parking issues ... Read more

From the Center 2-22-17

When I first became editor of the Headlight, the previous editor felt it was necessary to take me around to all the businesses and law ... Read more

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