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From the Center 3-29-17

There was a packed house at the Chamber Partnership Banquet last Tuesday night held at the Rosenwald. We had a fantastic meal served by Williams’ ... Read more

From the Center 3-22-17

Well, I lived vicariously through my friends last week. I traveled to the beach, and it was cold, apparently. I also traveled to New York ... Read more

From the Center 3-15-17

I never walked the halls with my friends, told secrets in the bathroom, or made a trip to the principal’s office. I didn’t sit on ... Read more

From the Center 3-8-17

There was another fender bender recently in a spot that has seen quite a few of those in years past. We do have parking issues ... Read more

From the Center 2-22-17

When I first became editor of the Headlight, the previous editor felt it was necessary to take me around to all the businesses and law ... Read more

From the Center 2-8-17

There are several pages on Facebook that I follow that are simply for memories of days gone by. There is one for Prentiss, and I ... Read more

From the Center 2-1-17

As we are coming to the close of basketball season, I thought it might be a good idea to discuss kids and sports. The Center ... Read more

From the Center 1-25-17

It’s that time of year again. Time to start preparing for our annual Run for the Roses event in April. Going strong for 34 years. ... Read more

From the Center 1-18-17

One of the most common questions I hear moms pose today is, “Where does time go?” I have addressed this in several columns, with the ... Read more

From the Center 1-11-17

I would like to continue last week’s column by discussing several more good people we have in our county. Yes, they are paid. Let’s get ... Read more

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